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Seasonal Flu is here, but still time to get vaccinated.

Seasonal flu activity begins around October and November and can continue as late as May. The CDC estimates that between 9.3 million and 49 million people are sick with the flu each year. Peak influenza season is between December and February. Once vaccinated, it takes about 2 weeks for you to be fully protected. The […] Read more

National Influenza Awareness Week

It’s the start of the National Influenza Awareness week! Flu season is here- are you ready?! It’s not too late to stop by and get a flu shot! An annual flu vaccine is the best way to protect against this potentially serious disease. #FluFact: The shot may not make you immune to the flu BUT the flu […] Read more

Medicare Advantage Word Circle Concept with great terms such as enroll benefits and more.

Medicare Open Enrollment Ends December 7th

Are you new to Medicare, dissatisfied with your Medicare Part D plan, or wondering if you should change plans?? Choosing a Medicare Part D plan can be very confusing, so we are suggesting a few things to consider: What type a coverage are you looking…. Medicare Advantage or prescription only? Are all of your current […] Read more

Marijuana vs Hemp: Differences Explained

Marijuana vs Hemp With CBD oil popping up in conversations all over, it’s beneficial to talk about the differences between marijuana and hemp. Both marijuana and hemp come from the same plant species, Cannabis Sativa L. The plant’s flowering tops and leaves contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which we commonly know as marijuana. Hemp, on the other […] Read more